I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me!


Heya people! So today the song I’m gonna recommend you is… ‘Fight song’ by Rachel Platten! It’s not old so old,it released in 2014. I know many of you may have heard about it but if you haven’t, go hear it, now.(after reading this).This is a very motivational song. If you are depressed or have low self-esteem or if your friends and family have lost faith in you..I’m pretty sure this song will set everything on the right path.. I mean, it will motivate you and you sure will gain some self esteem and if you start believing in yourself, you can achieve anything! See, life is beautiful   and don’t waste life in being depressed. If you have no friends or family,  no problem,  go out alone, explore the world alone, know yourself, enjoy your own company and most importantly.. Love yourself. To be honest, don’t let anyone put you down, never! You deserve the best and life is not all about being rich or successful. Success does not mean that you have to get a good job and money, NO! Success is being happy. And at the end of your journey if you have lots of money but you aren’t happy, sorry buddy you aren’t successful. And its not necessary that a person in a Lamborghini has to be happy. Don’t try to prove anyone your worth. You are worthy for this life, so even if nobody believes in you, still you can achieve your dreams with self confidence.
        Like a small boat in the ocean,
        Sending big waves in motion.
        Like how a single word,
        Can make a heart open.
        I might only have one match..
        But I can make an explosion!
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Back when music was worth wasting time for.


This song never gets old, though it’s of 2010. Eminem killed this song! I love this song and it’s one of the greatest hits of Eminem. So.. If you’re having a lazy day, this song and other Eminem / Rihanna songs will boost your mood in 0.24 seconds. Trust me. Blah blah.

Make it count..okay?

neeeewBonjour people! I’m Akanksha. I’m here to update you with interesting and latest music and fashion. I know that the name of my site is a bit weird and you might also find it irrelevant to the content of the blog, but.. ‘Make it count’ this name means that we should make every moment so fascinating and interesting that it becomes a memory. And my blog will give you the latest news about everything you are interested in like: music, art, celebs, fashion, and the most gripping facts about anything and everything! Hope you like my blog and if you do, stay connected!

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